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May 2021
We stock copper strap in three gauges and several
widths to cover all of your grounding needs.
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We stock copper strap, wire, braid, sheet, mesh, ground bars, anti-oxidants, brazing rod, clamps, and more.
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Georgia Copper, LLC  ~  195 E. Jarrard St., Suite B2  ~  Cleveland, GA  30528      ~      706-219-1050
FAST SHIPPING      We ship your order quickly.   Give us a try - we believe you'll be pleased.
Call us 9am - 5pm Eastern Time to place your order, or place your order on our website anytime!
We stock copper strap in three different
thicknesses.  Click the links below to view.
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Made In USA
Conforms to ASTM B152
Georgia Copper keeps
thousands of feet of copper
strap in stock - ready to ship.
Because of the “skin effect”, radio frequency currents tend to
conduct along the surface of a conductor rather than through
the middle.  Because of this effect, COPPER STRAP is more
efficient than wire at handling high frequency currents.  This
makes COPPER STRAP a logical choice in RF grounding
applications and in applications requiring bonding and
grounding for lightning protection.  The rapidly pulsating DC
currents encountered during a lightning strike can be
compared to high level RF currents.  COPPER STRAP
handles these currents more effectively than the same
amount of copper in wire form.  

Why buy from GEORGIA COPPER?
We stock a wide range of copper strap sizes, and we ship
your order quickly.  We're big enough to sell premium copper
strap and keep plenty in stock, but small enough to keep
overhead low, prices low, and provide great customer
service.  Company owner, Gary Smith, has been a licensed
ham since 1976, and has been involved in broadcast
engineering since 1977.
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Can't decide whether you need copper strap, wire, or braid?  See this helpful COMPARISON CHART to learn more!
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Fast shipping of COPPER GROUND STRAP for
Radio Station and TV Station GROUNDING and BONDING.
Grounding supplies for Commercial Tower Sites and Amateur Radio.
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