A great product for RF shielding in
circuits while still providing air flow.
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This COPPER MESH has a .011" wire diameter, 16 mesh.
Its weight is 2.2 ounces per square foot.

This product is very similar to insect screening typically used on residential windows.
However, instead of aluminum or fiberglass, this product is made of copper.
This product is easily soldered with ordinary electronics solder.

Sold in 1-foot square sheets (12" x 12" nominal size*)

*  Actual cut size is approx. 11-3/4" x 11-3/4".
Please be aware slight raveling can be expected along the edges.

Shipping note:  Our minimum shipping / handling charge is $9.00.  
Purchase now  ~ $8.00 per square foot
(12" x 12" nominal size)
Need something bigger than our pre-cut 12" x 12" squares?  

We can custom cut what you need from our 36" wide rolls.  Simply click on the add to
cart button below, and specify the number of feet you need.  Your mesh will be 3 feet
wide by the number of feet you specify.  

Example:  If you order a quantity of 2 lineal feet, the price will be $32.00 (plus shipping), and
your piece of mesh will measure 2 feet x 3 feet.
Purchase now  ~ $16.00 per foot
(Cut from a 36" wide roll)
The photo above shows some of this
mesh soldered to a piece of PC
board in various configurations as it
might be applied in shielding

Click on the photo for a larger view.
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